Luggage for Disabled

Do you have a disabled or handicapped relative? If so, you need to consider buying a bag for easy storage of their belongings. Some bags are specifically designed for this kind of purpose and they can be attached to a wheelchair. This bag or luggage can help a  handicapped individual in a significant way.

Secure 4-Pocket Mobility Storage Backpack Bag w/ Reflective Strips

It is a tough life for disabled individuals, especially those who are bound to a wheelchair. This bag can be hung in the back of a wheelchair so that disabled people can bring their things around. It is made of nylon so it can be easily washed and is durable. The nylon material is also water resistant.

It has an O-ring zipper on its main pocket so it can be easily used. This bag can carry most of the things needed by a wheelchair bounded individual. It can also be attached to walkers, electric scooters, and rollators. This bag is intentionally made for disabled people. It has a good design and sufficient capacity. The strap is firm and is easy to adjust.

Duro-Med Wheel Chair Back Pack

This backpack is attachable to the back of the wheelchair. The person sitting in the wheelchair can benefit from its hands-free design. It is easy to grab the things inside the bag. This backpack can store a variety of things needed by the individual. It can hold snacks, towels, clothes, medicine, and other important things.

The bag is lightweight so it won’t be a burden to the user. It is easy to attach or remove the strap on the back of the wheelchair. This bag is also useful for the person pushing the wheelchair as it can provide easy access to things needed by the handicapped individual. The bag is good for traveling or just for casual use. It can also be washed and cleaned effortlessly.

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