Best Hard Case Luggage

Face it! At some point, at some airport, your precious belongings will get smashed in that flimsy soft shell suitcase of yours. Or maybe it’s happened to you already.

This is why many people choose to buy hard case luggage instead of the a soft one. Hard case luggage (also known as hardshell or hardside) is getting more popular because of its protective properties. The hard, tough shell protects contents inside of the bag better than other ones and thus it’s a better choice if you want to carry valuable and fragile items on your trip. What’s more, spilling liquids on hard side luggage is not a problem at all, as most of it won’t come inside where the items are. That way it acts as a spill resistant shield (wow, I should get a trademark on that one), which is very important for carrying electronic devices – your laptop, tablet, GPS and so on.

Samsonite has many great hardshell suitcases. One of them is Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Fashion Spinner which can be bought in three different dimensions. These spinners are available in 20 (which can be used as a carry-on luggage), 24 and 28 inches. A hundred percent polycarbonate construction, sharp molded details and elegant brush stroke pattern make this spinner stylish and modern. The pattern also hides all the scratches that are eventually going to happen after long time of usage and traveling. Unique structure absorbs impact by flexing and then returning into original shape – that means that these Samsonite spinners can withstand some bumps and damage along the way without dents while still protecting the content inside. Their square design enables maximum capacity and front and back exterior have unified design. They’re all fully-lined and, inside, they have straps lined in ‘x’ formation to keep the contents inside safe and also a divider with its own organization pockets that are zippered. For additional security, there’s a TSA combination lock to keep all of your precious items untouched by someone else. Color of luggage can be chosen between charcoal, red, deep blue, gray and more, depending on a model, i. e. measurements. Like all of the three luggage pieces? No problem! There’s a Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Fashion HS 3 Piece Set which contains all of them and that will have enough room for any traveling necessity.

One of the most interesting luggage set that’s kind of hardcase is CO-Z Premium Vintage Luggage Set 24″ TSA Locks Wheel Suitcase with 12″ Hand Bag. It will most definitely look different than other suitcases and will draw your attention – you wouldn’t have to worry about finding your luggage at the airport if you buy this set. This set includes two pieces which are a 24 inch suitcase with around 37 liters of volume and a 12 inch hand bag that has an approximate volume of 5 liters. These suitcases are most certainly going to be an eye-catcher wherever they go because they’re made of PU leather with hand crafted stitching, in vintage style. They represent a mix of elegance and sturdiness. Big suitcase has four wheels to ease movement and adjustable handle height to fit all users. Security is ensured by as much as two TSA locks! For organizing the luggage well, a couple of pockets are added inside of the suitcase. A complimentary strap can be used to attach the hand bag to the suitcase in order to carry (move around) both of them in the same time. Two colors are available – navy blue with brown/pink with beige.

Interested in latest technology and modern gizmos that make life (or, in this case, travel) easier? Well, you will certainly be surprised pleasantly when you find out that there’s a new type of hard luggage – smart luggage. One of the examples is Payeel Multi Function Smart Luggage GPS Remote Locking Battery Charging Port. You can figure out that it has many functions and gadgets just by listening to its name. This smart luggage has ABS+PC hard case that’s easy to clean and maintain, aluminum frame and aluminum telescopic handle and it’s in silver gray color – overall very modern and elegant look. For smooth 360 degrees movement, four universal wheels are installed to it. Above all of these characteristics that ensure durability and easy maneuvering, there are a couple of more add-ons that are sure to make your traveling woe-free. Many jetsetters end up paying for their luggage that’s too heavy, but this smart luggage has a built-in scale inside of the handle that measures the weight of the case when it’s picked up so paying for an overweight luggage won’t happen with this suitcase. Also, this case features innovative Bluetooth + TSA lock – this means that case is connected with phone via Bluetooth and can be locked or opened by application on the phone. No keys are needed and no codes or passwords need to be remembered to access this suitcase. Getting your case lost won’t be a problem neither as Payeel smart luggage is equipped with GPS and alarm; whenever the suitcase is more than ten meters away from the user, both luggage and phone will alert, warning the user that something’s wrong. User can then turn on alarm in the case through app on the phone to find it easier. The case also features a built-in charging port for phone (but the power bank needed to charge the phone isn’t included with the case) so your phone never runs out of battery. Of course, this multi function smart luggage is more expensive than other hard case suitcases due to its many gadgets, but worth it if you want to have a good-quality hard case luggage and no worries about losing it, overstuffing it…

Another good way to go if you’re looking to buy hardcase luggage is to buy Beverly Hills Country Club Newport 29 inch Large Hardside (or 25 inch Medium/21 inch Carry-on) Expandable Spinner Luggage Bag. These cases are made of ABS composite and come in a couple of colors – gray, navy blue, orange and more. Each of them has a secure zipper closure and four wheels. Inside of the suitcases there are multiple organization pockets along with shoes pockets. Retractable handle is made out of aluminum and has push button locking system. For those that need more space, there’s an option to expand these suitcases for up to 25%. The best thing – three years of warranty.

Whether you choose to buy classic hard case luggage like the Samsonite one, decide to buy a vintage one, or prefer hi-tech luggage like Payeel’s, you won’t regret your choice and will experience all the advantages that hard case luggage offers.