Best Carry-On Luggage for Women

Ladies, would you like to bring your luggage into the overhead section without worries or problems and still stay fashionable and modern? If so, you will find this article helpful and interesting.

Before mentioning and looking at some of the best carry-on luggage for women, we need to know what carry-on luggage actually is and the requirements it needs to fulfill. It’s certainly not a pleasant situation to get your luggage rejected as too big to carry with you, so a preparation in terms of finding the allowed sizes is much needed. Currently, most airlines allow having one piece of carry-on luggage for an overhead section and one smaller personal item such as briefcase, laptop bag, a purse, a handbag or a backpack that can fit under the seat. Also, a carry-on bag mustn’t exceed 22 x 18 x 10 inches or 56 x 45 x 25 cm in size (including handles and wheels). Note that these measurements are not universal and aren’t used by every airline company – some allow bigger or smaller sizes of carry-on luggage; these are stated to serve as a guideline as they will satisfy most airlines’ rules. We’ll be looking at soft case suitcases only, as it doesn’t really make sense to deal with the extra weight of hard case luggage when you always have it beside you in the cabin.

One of the most stylish and elegant carry-on bag that a woman can have is Nicole Miller Jolene 20” Expandable Spinner. Its high quality cotton tweed and gold finish hardware makes it look very modern and chic. Size of this bag is appropriate for it to be a carry-on, as its measurements are 21 x 14 x 9 inches. Because it is equipped with four wheels, spinning it 360 degrees and moving it around is a piece of cake. Also, this expandable spinner comes with Nicole Miller signature lining and has telescopic push-button handle system. This carry-on is expandable for up to 25% of its capacity.

As a passenger on a plane, you are allowed to bring a personal item along with your carry-on luggage (in most cases) and put it under the seat in front of you. If you want to do so and need both a carry-on bag and a tote to bring a personal item in it, a recommendation would be to buy Olympia ‘Let’s travel’ Two Piece Carry-on Collection (Butterfly). Besides the bag that’s used as a carry-on piece, this set contains a tote that can be used for carrying a personal item and putting it under the seat in front of yours. Dimensions of the bigger bag are 21 x 14 x 8 in. while the tote is smaller. Both of them have a durable polyester construction. The carry-on bag has a retractable handle with push-button/handle locking system and also handles on the side and on the top. It features one large mesh lid pocket and a couple of pockets on the front of the bag. Available with a butterfly print and in red, royal blue or black color for those who want a simpler design and plain colors.

If you want your carry-on bag to stand out in the crowd of plain, boring bags, then getting any bag from the World Traveler 20 Inch Rolling Carry-On Luggage Suitcase collection is the way to go. This lightweight piece of baggage with measurements of 13 x 8 x 21 inches is sure to get accepted as a carry-on with no problems at any airport (most probably). When it comes to these bags, you have the opportunity to choose between numerous patterns, prints and colors such as Damask, Zebra, Chevron and many more. These cute suitcases have all the features essential for international travel along with the ones stated above. They have two exterior front pockets for better organization of the luggage and also have interior compression straps to keep the precious belongings safe and sound. Pop up handle and two rolling wheels for movement are also included along with the additional top and side handles for carrying. World Traveler carry-on luggage can also be expanded to store some souvenirs and similar things when returning home for example.

With measurements of 21.25 x 13.77 x 7.48″, the 5 Cities 21 Inch Carry-on Wheeled Travel Trolley Bag will fit in almost every overhead section of every plane there is on this planet. This lightweight bag with only 3.2 pounds is an ideal travel companion for short trips and business travels. Although it may seem small, it’s very convenient and can carry everything a carry-on bag should carry. Wheels and retractable handle ensure easy and fast carrying and pulling luggage along. A pocket at the front side of the bag provides with more room which is perfect for storing passport, a book or similar, important luggage. Main compartment has an opening on the front too, so the access is easier. This bag has two zips and also a padlock to keep the contents in it more secure. Also, another big advantage is that this trolley bag comes with a two year guarantee. A customer can choose between multiple colors and prints so every woman can find a bag that suits her personality and taste. Above all of that, 5 Cities Trolley Bag is rather inexpensive and offers more than good quality to price ratio.

Buying Dakine Carry On Roller 40L Luggage is another good choice to make if you’re looking for a good quality carry-on bag with a reasonable price. Its measurements (20 x 15 x 8 inches) allow this bag to serve as a perfectly fine carry-on luggage – in most cases that is; you can never be sure until you check with the airline’s requirements. Two exterior organizer pockets give additional space for storing important items. A pocket can hold a 15 inch laptop with no problem whatsoever. It also features a retractable handle for easier carrying and two durable urethane wheels to make movement easier. It has an appealing look because of its colorful pattern and is perfect for those who don’t want something that’s too simple and plain nor something over the top.

Picking the best carry-on luggage for women that suits your taste and wishes is sometimes hard to find, but these examples of travel bags will (hopefully) end your search for that perfect durable yet fashionable luggage.

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